Restoring Balance and Stability: Vestibular Physiotherapy Spruce Grove at Sunrise Physical Therapy

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Vestibular physiotherapy is a specialized form of treatment that focuses on addressing disorders of the vestibular system, which controls balance and spatial orientation. At Sunrise Physical Therapy in Spruce Grove, we understand the profound impact that vestibular dysfunction can have on an individual's quality of life. Through evidence-based assessment and tailored interventions, our skilled vestibular physiotherapists help patients regain balance, reduce dizziness, and improve overall stability. In this article, we explore the significance of vestibular physiotherapy Spruce Grove and how Sunrise Physical Therapy is committed to restoring balance and stability for individuals in Spruce Grove.

Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis:

At Sunrise Physical Therapy, vestibular physiotherapy begins with a thorough assessment to evaluate the patient's vestibular function, balance, and symptoms. Our experienced physiotherapists utilize specialized tests and tools, such as the Dix-Hallpike maneuver, head impulse test, and dynamic visual acuity test, to accurately diagnose vestibular disorders. By understanding the nature and severity of the vestibular dysfunction, we can develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs.

Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers for BPPV:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a common vestibular disorder characterized by brief episodes of vertigo triggered by changes in head position. Sunrise Physical Therapy offers canalith repositioning maneuvers, such as the Epley maneuver and Semont maneuver, to effectively treat BPPV. These maneuvers aim to reposition displaced otoconia (calcium crystals) within the inner ear's semicircular canals, alleviating vertigo and restoring balance.

Balance Retraining and Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises:

Balance retraining and vestibular rehabilitation exercises are fundamental components of vestibular physiotherapy. Sunrise Physical Therapy designs individualized exercise programs targeting specific vestibular and balance deficits identified during the assessment. These exercises may include gaze stabilization exercises, habituation exercises, balance exercises on unstable surfaces, and eye-head coordination exercises to enhance vestibular function and promote adaptation.

Gait Training and Fall Prevention:


Vestibular dysfunction can increase the risk of falls and impair gait, posing significant safety concerns for individuals. Sunrise Physical Therapy provides gait training programs tailored to each patient's needs, focusing on improving stride length, cadence, and symmetry while maintaining balance and stability. Our therapists also incorporate fall prevention strategies, such as environmental modifications, assistive devices, and education on safe movement techniques, to reduce the risk of falls and promote independence.


Vestibular physiotherapy at Sunrise Physical Therapy in Spruce Grove offers hope and relief for individuals struggling with vestibular dysfunction. Through comprehensive assessment, specialized interventions, and patient-centered care, our skilled vestibular physiotherapists help patients regain balance, reduce dizziness, and improve overall stability, enabling them to reclaim their independence and quality of life. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of vestibular dysfunction, contact Sunrise Physical Therapy today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward restoring balance and stability.

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